Our mission

Financial anomalies, corruption and fraud erode trust and can destroy organizations overnight. To prevent that, regulation and external audits have proved insufficient. 

We believe that organizations should audit themselves and take control of their own destiny. Audit analytics must be comprehensive, consistent, ongoing and leverage experience across multiple entities. 
Financial professionals are the guardians of corporate trustworthiness. They deserve the best technology to do their job. And we are committed to building it. 

Our vision : Empower organizations to easily audit themselves.​

Our mission : A world where financial information can be trusted. 

Our story

When our co-founders created Supervizor, they sat down and thought not only about what kind of product they wanted to build, but what kind of change they wanted to see in the industry. Two consultants with experience in automating internal controls for large companies, private & public, envisioned a future where there’s financial trust for everyone.

With over 10 years of research dedicated to training the technology to recognize all accounting schemes, Supervizor has built the only plug & play technology that comes with 350+ ready-to-use controls.
Supervizor is challenging the old methods of auditing and is an innovator of technology ahead of the internal control world.


9 leadership principles

Customer first


Extra-mile spirit 

Speed and agility 

Trust and empathy 

Global outlook 

and creativity

and hands-on

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